No KEE ICON on Menu Bar, kee vault loaded but not functional

Got it. No longer an issue.

I bought a new desktop for my wife, and set it up. It is running Windows 11, and the browser is FireFox.

I loaded software for KEE VAULT from the appropriate screen, and loaded the FIREFOX KEE VAULT extension.

When I access her KEE VAULT account, the KEE ICON on the Menu Bar is missing, The vault is displaying correctly, and selecting a site’s website address will bring up the site, and insert the UID and PASSWORD.

That’s where it ends. The same site, when accessed via its URL, doesn’t have the UID and PASSWORD entered.

The tab entry will also vanish from the TAB line unpredictably also.

What am I missing?

Please advise. I have been a KEE user for probably a decade, subscribed to KEE VAULT as soon as it was available in BETA, and I thought I was reasonably familiar with it, but I guess I wasn’t quite familiar enough.

Thank you.


I suspect you came across Firefox’s new “feature” of hiding newly installed add-ons behind an extra click on an “extensions” button in the toolbar.

You can move it to the usual location by yourself (as you may have already found out) but I can also reconfigure Kee in a new release in order to get the old behaviour again. Shouldn’t be too long before I get that done.

That’s where I found it. After 40+ years as a computer professional, I thought I had seen just about every conceivable unnecessary curve-ball that could be handed down to non-professional users, but almost isn’t all, I guess. I’m a bit out of practice, so it took me longer to find than I’d have liked.

Thank you for your response, and if you would reconfigure Kee sometime in the future, I’m sure other Kee users would (unknowingly) be in your debt.

Thanks again. LH521