New plugin does not allow the user to select the destination group in KeePass

The current Firefox plugin (version 3.5.19) does not seem to have the ability to select the destination group in KeePass for new saved passwords.

Currently the password seems to be added to the “Shopping” group and has to be manually moved to the required location in Keepass.

I’m sure it was possible to set this in the plugin in the previous version, am I missing something?

If you tick the box that says “Always save new entries here” then you will no longer be prompted and everything will go into the group you had selected at that point.

You can reset this and thus choose a different group from Kee Options > Saving entries > Automatically save new entries to the group you most recently saved to

Thank you very much, I must have accidentally ticked that box at some point.
I have unticked the option, and will see what happens when I next save a password.

Thanks again :slight_smile: