New Keebird user (previously Keefox-tb), some questions

Hi, I am a new user of Keebird (2.0) with Thunderbird (68.12.1) on Windows 10.
Please excuse my syntax if needed, English is not my native language, it is French (TB and Windows are French too).

I have used (still use) Keepass, and Keefox (now Kee) on Firefox, for quite a long time, without any particular problem.
I used to use Keefox on Thunderbird too, with no problems until Google for some reason decided to reject the login procedure that I used at the time (authentication set as OAuth2 in Thunderbird), which broke my ability to use Keefox to automatically provide the passwords when required by the Gmail server.

I then decided to use Keebird which was presented as a fork of Keefox oriented toward newer Thunderbird versions, so I used Keebird 2.0, which is compatible with Thunderbird 68.12.1 that I use (I have totally disabled Thunderbird updates for the moment, using Windows policies).
Well, after some fumbling, I have managed to make Keebird work, but with some caveats …

  1. whereas Keefox provided the passwords without any action on my part when only selecting the folder in Thunderbird, now Keebird only finds (correctly) the entry in the Keepass database, fills-in the correct password in the dialog box, and then waits for a confirmation from me (the OK button on the dialog box).
    Is there a setting somewhere that I could have missed, that would allow it to not request a confirmation ?

  2. it looks like Keebird is unable to find entries for POP email accounts, I end up every time with “no matching entry found” in the password dialog box.
    The POP entries (in Keepass) are configured similarly to the IMAP entries which do work as noted above, that is, with “pop3://email server name” as URL in both the General tab and the URL subtab of the Kee tab.

I managed later to use these entries directly from Keepass by using a “target window” in the Auto-type tab of the entry, but obviously, as I have several Email accounts, Keepass requests that I choose between the multiple entries that it finds. It works, sort of … but I would prefer Keebird to find itself the proper entry, based on the mail server name in the entry (and the email address set as username in the entry) …

Lastly, I want to thank whoever for all the good work that was done on Keepass, Keefox, Kee and now Keebird.
Bravo to all !