New Kee icon

The new Kee icon as it appears in Firefox is simply awful. At its usual size in input fields, it comes across as the letter V more than anything else, and V doesn’t make me think of Kee, KeeFox, KeePass, or anything else. I see that there’s a tiny little key in the negative space within the V, but the colors make it all but impossible to see, and the big solid V looks mean and uninviting. For some reason, when I see the icon, it sometimes at first makes me think that it has something to do with a virus warning (V for virus).

Wouldn’t using an icon that clearly suggests “key” (or Kee) be more appropriate? Maybe the orange vertical key without the blue V? Or maybe the letter K instead of V?

I know you’re trying to connect the icon to the logo for the Vault product, but not all of us intend to use that product with Kee. It’s really confusing and a bit off-putting.


Agree. The new icon is awful. I will look at a different extension to use KeePass, if I have to, just to not see this awful logo in the bar.

Yes please,. change the icon. On browsers dark mode it´s horrible

Maybe a less “alphabetic” icon, more “security/vault related” icon could be the fix for this issue.