New “Kee browser extension” category

I’ve created a new forum category called “Kee browser extension”. Hopefully it’s title is self-explanatory.

I’ve updated the description of the “Uncategorised” “category” to indicate that new topics should be categorised if possible.

There are still a lot of cases where a topic can’t be easily put into an existing category and the most appropriate category for a topic may well change, especially early in the lifetime of the topic as more information comes to light.

I have gone back through all “Uncategorised” topic titles in 2019 and moved the ones that are probably specific enough to the browser extension to fit neatly in the new category. Topics that are clearly more about KeePassRPC, or those (such as a lot of the documentation) that cover multiple components/products remain “Uncategorised”.

Naturally some topics will always be difficult to categorise with 100% accuracy and no-one should lose sleep over getting it right every time, although hopefully the batch of around 50 topics I’ve moved to the new category and those from 2019 that remain Uncategorised should be a decent indication of what sorts of things should go where.

The reason for this change is that there appears to be a desire from (especially new) forum users to choose a category so most new topics are being assigned to the “Kee Vault” category, which in most cases is less accurate than just leaving the category unset. Hopefully this change will offer a suitable category that begins with the letters “Kee” for helpful users to select, and potentially a way for everyone to filter or monitor topics specific to their interests.