New computer Firefox installation of Kee won't work

I apologize and thank you folks for putting up with me.

I was running Kee with Firefox for some years now. I finally had to get a new computer as the old one was glitching, 10 - 15 years old and patched too many times.

I added Kee, but it won’t work from within Firefox, it shows the “OFF” sign up in the Windows bar.

Something that i noted that was curious was that there was no configuration at the time i added it, but then, i was up until 3:00am trying to get this computer operational and though i am sucking down my second mug of coffee, way less than all my brain cells are on line.

Can someone direct me on what to do, and please, use the “big print and pictures” version of instructions…

Many grateful thanks for your kindness!

I guess that you were using Kee as a link to your KeePass passwords since you’ve been using it for so long. Make sure you have KeePass installed, with the KeePassRPC plugin too, or sign in to your subscription account in a pinned tab in your browser if you were using that rather than KeePass.

The troubleshooting guide may also help with other issues that could result in the red OFF sign.

Many thanks luckyrat - i don’t know if it was the sleep-deprived coma i was in while trying to get everything up and running or any other reason, but by slowing down and following your instructions step by step, all is well with Kee. Now if i can only come to terms with W11. I had no intention of transitioning to it, i was perfectly happy with W10. Heck, i was happy with W7. But it is that which came on the new computer, so now that i am over most, perhaps all, of the hardware issues, it’s time to try to make friends with 11…

Once again, thank you.