Multiple Accounts in one Keepass database

I use a single KeePass database to store multiple accounts for the same website, e.g. bank info for me and for my wife. Kee finds one of those user/password sets and refuses to allow, much less find the other. How is it identifying the set to use and is there any way around the behavior?

I have muiltiple accounts set in my KeePass database for the IngDiba bank.
Kee and KeePass find all matching accounts because they use the same URL of course.
Kee offers me all of them and let me select one of it without problems.

Thank you, Horst. I wonder what I’m doing wrong. Perhaps I need to reinstall Kee and make sure the URL’s are all set correctly.

First, make sure that your entry in Keepass has a URL entered on the first (entry) tab. Next, go to the tab that says “Key”, you’ll see options to match by domain, hostname, or exact. By default it uses domain which should match anything that has the or, etc If you want it to match the in the URL, use hostname. Lastly, if you only want it to match the exact same full URL, use the exact option.

You should also consider making a separate database for your wife. Keepass lets you have multiple databases open and Kee will look through all open databases for matches. For instance, I have a several databases for work and my personal database. Key is setup so it not only looks and finds matches from all the databases but when you go to update or save new entries through Kee it will give you the option which database to save it. It’s pretty seamless.