Multi-page password saving and filling

I’m looking for a solution for storing all or the selected (by me) fields and objects (checkbox, radio buttons) in KeePass via Kee. An example is the HMRC (UK tax agency) login page.
The 1st page asks the ID and password, then on the next page the ways of 2FA which is to select the the mobile number, authenticator app, etc. then on the 3rd page you enter the TOTP from the previously selected source.
My idea was to store each obect’s value in KeePass using the advanced field settings:

{“version”:1,“hTTPRealm”:"",“formFieldList”:[{“name”:“user_id”,“displayName”:“KeePass username”,“value”:"{USERNAME}",“type”:“FFTusername”,“id”:“user_id”,“page”:-1,“placeholderHandling”:“Default”},{“name”:“password”,“displayName”:“KeePass password”,“value”:"{PASSWORD}",“type”:“FFTpassword”,“id”:“password”,“page”:-1,“placeholderHandling”:“Default”},{“name”:“factor1Ctl”,“displayName”:“factor1Ctl”,“value”:"-1",“type”:“FFTradio”,“id”:"",“page”:-1,“placeholderHandling”:“Default”},{“name”:“rememberMe”,“displayName”:“rememberMe”,“value”:“KEEFOX_CHECKED_FLAG_TRUE”,“type”:“FFTcheckbox”,“id”:“rememberMe-true”,“page”:-1,“placeholderHandling”:“Default”},{“name”:“oneTimePassword”,“displayName”:“oneTimePassword”,“value”:"{TOTP}",“type”:“FFTtext”,“id”:"",“page”:-1,“placeholderHandling”:“Enabled”}],“alwaysAutoFill”:false,“neverAutoFill”:false,“alwaysAutoSubmit”:false,“neverAutoSubmit”:false,“priority”:0,“altURLs”:[],“hide”:false,“blockHostnameOnlyMatch”:false,“blockDomainOnlyMatch”:false}

But somehow even setting the page variable different (-1 → 0,1,2 or 1,2,3) the objects don’t get the stored values.
Will this new feature fix it?

Upcoming change to multi-page sign-in support is probably the feature you’re interested in. Please do let us know if you think that will help since knowing there is real-world demand for the planned changes will help us to raise the priority of the required implementation work.

In the mean time, you’ll need to store multiple entries in KeePass, one for each page.

That would be ideal, I guess. However, I haven’t found the option to manually select the objects what are needed to be stored on each page as mentioned in the above example. Also, the URL doesn’t change, each step (page) has the same URL. I’ve tried to check some sort of form ID, etc. but whenever I clicked on the + button in Kee, I’ve got offered to store a username and password only and didn’t see the option to select another object on the actual page. Therefore this…

… is not working.

Not multiple entries in KeePass but multiple Auto-type entries for one entry
are the way in KeePass to handle multi-page logins.
This works without Kee using normal KeePass methods or the WebAutoType plugin.