Migrating passwords to Kee

When you already have many passwords in an existing password store (e.g. the built in Firefox password manager) it can save you time in the long run if you spend a few minutes migrating those passwords into your new KeePass database.

If you have a small number of passwords to import you may be just as happy to save them into Kee as you go along. That does have the advantage of ensuring Kee knows as much about the login form for your password as possible - this extra detail can be required for accurate form filling on some websites but it’s not usually needed.

If you have many passwords already in a KeePass database or you import them using one of the methods below, you may want to look at how to work with existing passwords

Importing from Firefox

You may be able to use the Firefox password importer. However, we are unsure if it is compatible with Firefox 57 and higher so you may have to find another way (if you do, please reply here so we can update this topic with the latest information).

Importing from other password stores

KeePass 2.x has built in support for importing from dozens of different password stores and export file formats. Please visit the help page on the official KeePass website for more information and look in the KeePass support forums for help if required.

Works with Firefox 57!

Lili, Can you explain how you do that…
Don’t work for me with Quantum (ff57 and higher)

[300+ entry to do by hand … I weeeeep!]

trick (for those like me who start after ff57 +)
not to redo everything by hand : you can continue to use PasswordFox (https://www.nirsoft.net/utils/passwordfox.html); even if it no longer allows you to have passwords and logins, it still allows you to import all the entries you will have to fill (It’s better than nothing!!!)
run PasswordFox (with "/master " argument, if you have one), choose your ff profil (now you can see all your ff entries for password with @), ctrl+A on the list, right clic, sav selected items, name the file and choose “keepass csv files”.
In Keepass you can “import” “csv”. Done, now you have all the blank login and password entries you will have to fill in … The advantage is, already that you will not forget one… and also that you just have (!!!) to clic on the link to open the pages where you must fill in the login / pswd…

hoping it helps a little, I go back crying with my 300 entries :wink: