Login with HRWorks - autofill not working

First and foremost, I have the same problem as the OP in this thread: Auto fill two username fields
I also read the suggested thread regarding the ING login which is working like a charm out of the box for me.
Unfortunately, the sign in with the ING online banking module is a bit simpler because they don’t change the names and ids of the input fields with every new pageload.
HRWorks is doing this - as I said - unfortunately.
The naming scheme of the input fields is like: <input […] name=“id-<variablenumber>-23” id=“id-<variablenumber>-37” […]>
With every new page load the <variablenumber> is a different variable between 1 and, probably, 256 (I did not test them all).
And yes, I can fetch everything, with field entries for every possible combination of names and ids, but maybe the solution is a bit more elegant.
It is problematic as I don’t know how to fetch this behaviour in the Kee or KeePass side of things, maybe someone could help with this.