Login problems with the kee extension (win10 - Firefox 81.0.1)

at first: sorry for my bad english and for posting this but i´m sure, you will understand.
since a few month the login-prodedure of many homepages changed and has to be done in two steps. It seems to be a problem for the kee-add-on (or my be only for my computer or for me the user - I don´t know really).

for example the homepages of the “ADAC” (no link, because I am not allowed for more than two links but I ask for the same problem in three different ways) doesn´t work automaticly with the add-on. The first step “username” works, but the second step “keyword” has to be done by hand.

The same problem with the “Postbank” (https://meine.postbank.de/#/login) , but the other way round. The field “Postbank ID” has to be filled by hand, because the kee-add-on doesn´t realize, thank there has to be filled in the “username”. The next step with the keyword works.

And the third problem with the extension: normaly if you have two or more different usernames, you get a selection and you have to choose the right one from the shown list. But sometimes I have only one username (f.e. www.e-reader-forum.de/f/calibre.209/) but I only get the selection to choose, why doesn´t work the extension automatically?

I think, you have to adjust your software with these new log-in-methodes or is there anything with the settings I have to correct or to fix?
Many thanks for answering and my be solving the problems.