at first: sorry for my bad english but I´m shure, you will understand.

since a few month the login-prodedure of many homepages changed and has to be done in two steps on two diffent pages. this is a problem for the kee-add-on (my system: windows 10, firefox). for example the homepages of the “ADAC” ([https://www.adac.de/mein-adac/) and the “Postbank” ([https://meine.postbank.de/#/login) doesn´t work automaticly with the add-on. especially the “Postbank” is a problem. the field “Postbank ID” has to be filled by hand, because the kee-add-on doesn´t realize, that there has to fill in the “username”. I think, you have to adjust your software with these new log-in-methodes.
And another problem: normally the log-in will be filled automatically unless you have two or more posibilities, than you have to select. But sometimes you have defenitily only one choice - anyway you have to select the log-in-data by hand from the kee-add-on.