Languages and localisation


I’m interested in others thoughts on how to make the information on this forum accessible to people that don’t have a great understanding of English.

The Kee addon and initial tutorial website are already localisable so I hope that this is enough for most people most of the time but there is already some useful information here which is available only in English and the quantity of documentation here is going to only increase.

The old KeeFox manual supported multiple languages but in practice, only a tiny fraction of content was ever translated and some of those pages have already got out of date with respect to the English equivalents.

I therefore do not believe that it is practical, nor in the best interests of Kee users, for content in this community to be duplicated into multiple languages. Instead, I wonder if automated tools such as Google Translate will offer a higher quality experience for non-English speakers. You may have much greater experience of the current quality of these tools and therefore may come to a different conclusion?

Should we consider any action to help users translate the content when they come to read it or is letting them utilise whatever external tools they already use to understand English content going to be the best way forward?

Edit: might be worth investigating.

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