Kindle Fire / Silk?

Does the extension load in the Silk browser on Kindle? I’m looking for any KeePass access from current Kindle Fire OSv7, don’t care if it’s CLI or some other browser, but it has to run on this device.

I’m not 100% sure of the topology here. I’m understanding the only option other than the v2 Android app is a browser extension that may only run in Firefox and Chrome.

I looked at the GitHub repo (Thanks for supporting FOSS!) and it seems the provider interfaces go direct to storage (like Dropbox). That’s great! But if the UI is irrevocably wrapped in an extension, it probably can’t be used in Silk. (Unless there’s some kind of shim?)

However, in this ecosystem is there a simple web page client that is not wrapped in an extension that I might be able to serve up from localhost or my intranet? Or might this already be an open project?
I don’t need the convenient integration for web page logins, I’m fine with copy/paste into other web pages or device apps.

And again I don’t really care about the UI, I just need access to open and read my kbdx2 files.

To answer the questions that might come up: I tried KeepassDroid, is broke on this platform and no longer maintained. There are a few password apps in Amazon Store but I don’t have a trust level with them, don’t know if they import kbdx2, and would rather stick within the KeePass ecosystem.


I wouldn’t expect the browser extension to work in the Silk browser. Your best bet is probably going to either be using the Kee Vault web app and copying/pasting from there into other sites, or Kee Vault 2 and copy/pasting from there. In theory autofill is supported by the version of Android that Fire OS is built upon but I have never heard of it working so I suspect it has been intentionally or accidentally disabled by Amazon.

Unfortunately, I can’t promise that Kee Vault 2 will work correctly on Kindle and I have only briefly tested its installation via side-loading the apk built from source. I guess that it might be possible to install via Google Play if you modify your Kindle to support that App Store, but I haven’t had time to test that yet.

None of these get you direct access to the kdbx file but depending on your use-case, some regular importing/exporting of an external kdbx file might suffice.

Sincere thanks for your considered response.As much as I like nerd value and practically of browser access, I did successfully install the Google Play Store, allowing installation of all of the same apps I use in Android. So this problem is solved.

Yes, filling is available in this Fire OS 7 (9th gen).