Key transformation deautomises autofilling


I played a bit around using Keepass database key transformation to use argon2d. Since then Kee does not fill in entries, so I decided to step back to AES-KDF, but the result is the same since argon2d. It doesn’t work on PC and mobile.
So I decided to post this problem here which needed a new registration. So I saved the registration for this forum in Keepass and spontaneously the autofill entries work for this site, but not for old Keepass entries.
This confuses me.

Is it a problem by Keepass or Kee (on PC and Android)?

I found out, what was wrong in this case. By playing around I clicked on “set as kee home group” in keepass on a group that does not contain the passwords I need for automation. I didn’t know what that function does and there was no reaction by keepass, so I didn’t know what changed. Today I tried to fix the error and found out, that other groups worked, but not that group, that I needed for automation. So I looked into group specs and saw kee settings. Inside these settings was the explanation for home group which gave me the logic to use the parent folder as home group and the “bug” was fixed. This tells me it had nothing to do with AES-KDF or Argon2d.

So imho the context menu entry for groups “Set as Kee home group” is not well chosen, because when done a faulty click on that function it is not obvious, that the function is activated. It can only be seen when in group settings by a greyed out button.
As read before this can cause really strange behaviour if not known about.