KeePassRPC could not start listening for connections

  • Keepass 2.48.1
  • Kee Firefox 3.9.5
  • Firefox 88.0.1
  • Windows 10 Pro 20H2 19042.985 x64
  • KeePassRPC 1.14.0

Today after a Windows update and Keepass update Kee starting giving me this error on launch of Keepass:
Note the port is different from the standard port as I was changing it in the KeePass.config.xml in AppData/Roaming to see if it was simply a port in use issue but I guess it isn’t.
I’ve tried restarting Windows, reinstalling the plugin (clearing cache, cleared xml custom fields), adding a firewall rule, and am still getting the error.

Exact same problem here… any solution ?

The port has to be changed on 2 places, no need to fiddle around in files).

  1. in KeePass / Tools / KeePassRPC (KeeOptions)
  2. In Firefox in the Kee addon options under Advanced