KeePassRPC Authorisation after switching to another windows user

What am I making wrong, when Kee Pass RPC permanently asks for authorisation, while there’s another windows user on this machine (not logged of) Just switched the windows user account…

Thanks for a hint…

I would see it as a security problem if you can work with another accounts authorization.
So it works as it should be.
And please don’t say that you are both of that 2 user accounts.

To explain me better…
I am user 1, my wife is user 2.
We both use Firefox on the same machine.
We both use Kee and both have our different keepass databases under different and not shared locations. (C:\Users…)

And of course, every one of us has his own windows account, as it should be.

It only works, if the “not active user” exits Keepass before the other user logs on.

If I forgot to exit from my wife’s Keepass before logging into my windows account, I can’t connect kee rpc to Keepass and get endless kee authorization requests. Additionally, when returning to my wife’s account, she must re-authorize again, and that’s where my problem really is :wink:

The second alternative is logging off windows for my wife before logging into my windows account instead of just “switching user”.
But that’s not the purpose Microsoft built the multi-user architecture for…

Anyone else who has this problem?

I think you have to configure different TCP/IP ports in the KeePassRPC options
for you and your wife.
And of course change it also in the Kee browser extension.

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Horst, thanks a lot! That was the solution.