KeePassHttp-Connector has encountered an error:Unable to connect to KeePassHttp

I was send from the sourceforge - forum. I was told here are the creators of the KeePassHttp extention.

I do have the problem with Windows 10 and Linux Mint on all browsers - Firefox and Chrome/-ium

keepass2 und keepasshttp-connector is up to date and open / logged in

I did try the following:

  • keepass2 is p to date and open
  • disable all the other extentions
  • open “localhost:19455” -> nothing showed up- same with “
  • ping is working when trying in cmd - ping -4 localhost
  • hostname and port in the Advanced Settings set to the defaults

any more ideas?

Stopped using keepasshttp since a long time.
Using the KeePassRPC plugin with 4 browsers at the same time with no problems.