Keepass stops working after upgrading from version 2.2.8 to


in general Kee is working well. I have 3 groups of web-pages, which show different behavior in respect to Kee:

  1. Pages (not all of them are homebanking-pages), where Kee works as described (after entering the user-credentials, I can choose the ooption “save password”). When opening the url again, the password is filled in automatically.
  2. Pages (all of this group are homebanking pages) where I am not offered to store the user credentials. In this case I can create manually an entry in Keypass. When I open such a page in Firefox again, Kee does not automatically fill in the user-credentials, but I can select from the contect-menu of firefox “Find suitable login data”). It then offers me the correct and unique data, I select it an can login.
  3. One homebanking-url (=, which belonged to group 2 stopped working, after upgrading from Kee 2.2.8 to Kee 2.3. I did not change anything in Keepass. Kee now does not offer me the user-credentials, when I select in the firefox-contextmenu “Find suitable login data”. The only difference that I can see between the time, where the url belonged to group 2 and now (where the url belongs to group 3) is the automatic upgrade of Kee from 2.2.8 to 2.3.

I have a similar problem too. Sometimes when I have multiple credentials for the same site, such as websites that use the same login service, the list of credentials doesn’t appear in the popup, forcing me to grab them directly in keepass.


I have an additional fact:
I installed chrome and the Kee-Chrome-plugin. Both plugins (the one in Firefox and the one in Chrome) are using the same Keepass-Database. With the url from point 3 above ( Kee in combination with Chrome works (the behavior is case 2 from the list above). Kee in combination with firefox doesn’t (case 3 from the list above). This shows, that the Keepass-Database entry for this url is valid i.e. the problem is a Kee-problem. The Kee-plugin of Chrom is older than the firefox-plugin.


I still have the problem, that url is not filled by Kee after klicking the “anmelden”-Button - the form just stays empty.
As described above: it worked with kee 2.2.8, it does not work with all later versions.
One of the problem of that url in the past was, that there was no form-id. After the last release end of Jul 2019 there is now the formid “loginForm”. I tried to define this according luckyrats documentation “Whitelisting or blacklisting forms” but with no success. I analyzed the form and found they use the standardnames “username” and “password”. In the Firefoxconsolelog it tells me, that the password-field could not be found. Any idea, where i can proceed with investigation?