KeeFox critical security support ends 30th September 2020 (Kee is unaffected)

KeeFox 1.8 will no longer receive security updates after 30th September 2020.

Users of the Kee browser extension or Kee Vault need to take no action, nor read beyond this point.

KeeFox 1.8 was the last release of KeeFox that is supported on old versions of Firefox (those made in around 2017 or earlier). Everyone using modern web browsers will have already switched to using the modern replacement for KeeFox, the Kee browser extension. Users of Thunderbird will have already switched to KeeBird.

I promised support for critical security issues until at least the end of 2018 and although there have thankfully been no reasons for me to release any critical security patches during that period and beyond, the time has come for me to acknowledge that the source code is now increasingly unfamiliar even to me (who wrote a majority of it) so providing any expectation of even critical security patch support is unrealistic. In the unlikely event that a resolvable security flaw is found in the next month, I will endeavour to fix it as soon as possible (albeit not necessarily before 30th September). After that, I will archive the old source code project on GitHub to help underline the end of the project support period.

In the unlikely event that anyone is still relying upon such old security software and for some reason feels it is important to continue using this old technology, please get in touch if you wish to take over the active maintenance of this old project.