Keefox browser exension bug

When trying to edit or open the form fields or add or edit URL tab the window in Keepass it autohides and minimizes itself to the taskbar.

It’s impossible to get it to show itself no matter what i do, I can’t bring it in front or open it. Running Firefox ESR 68.5.0.

Is this bug also present in the latest version of the normal Firefox?

The relevant actual versions I have:
Firefox is 73.0.1
KeePass is 2.44
KeePassRPC is
There are no such effects in this environment.
It doesn’t matter what browser I use (Chrome, Chrome based Edge or Firefox)

There are various KeePass options relating to window focus and minimizing, I’d suggest looking there first rather than Kee and KeePassRPC.

I deleted the Keepass config file and now it works. Something in that config file messed with the Keefox windows.

If this behavior ever appears again I will write here again to let you know what caused it.

I found the reason. When you choose “always on top” in Keepass the kee dialogs when choosing to edit the form fields they hide in the taskbar and it’s impossible to view them except when doing alt+tab and even then it’s not possible to view them.

I am surely it’s not intended to be like this.

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