Kee: wrong login form autocomplete on

  1. My request to porkbun support:

On login page, there’s two forms: “login” and “create new account”,
and while interacting with password manager Keepass the right one got
filled instead of left, which is quite embarassing, you know :wink:

checked with current Firefox and Chrome at least

  1. Porkbun support answer:

I can submit a bug report to our development team to see if there is
anything that can be done. We use One Password here, and it fills out
the correct field without any issues.

We’re using standard form fields of “loginUsername” and “loginPassword” on the Login side, and “newAccountUsername” and “newAccountPassword” on the New Account side.

Keepass should be able to differentiate these fields. I can submit a bug report for this, but you might also try seeing if you can set the correct fields in Keepass, as I’m not sure if there’s anything that we
can fix on our side.

Did you save the entry after filling in the sign-up form? If so, you have told Kee to fill in that form and therefore that’s what will happen. The first thing to try when the wrong form is being filled in is to re-enter the information into the sign-in form and save the entry again through Kee. That fixes 99.99% of problems like this.

Failing that, poking around with the field configuration in the KeePass entry might help as their support team suggest.

If they are just standard form fields as their support team suggest, I’m sure just saving the entry from the correct sign-in form will fix it up quickly but if not we can try to dig into anything unusual about their forms.