Kee w/ Chrome - Too many "matching" credentials

I have the Kee extension loaded in Chrome and go to a webpage, as an example our internal virtualization (ProxmoxVE). To the right of the Username and Password fields is the Kee icon, which when clicked on shows dozens of ‘Matched login entries’. Thing is that only 1 of these entries actually belong to this login. So that’s the first issue. The second issue is that when the correct entry is selected, only the password field gets populated, the Username field remains blank and has to be manually filled in.

UPDATE: This behavior (too many ‘matched login entries’ seems to only affect our internal sites. Is this because they all refer to the same domain name (ie. company.local)?
The second issue (Username remains blank) seems to only occur with a couple internal sites. I haven’t tried very many external ones, but so far it hasn’t happened there.

Yes, that’s because they all refer to the same domain name. Be aware that .local is not a real domain name though so you may struggle to configure things how you want it. E.g.

Best bet might be to configure each individual entry for an “Exact” match, assuming that is feasible for the websites in question.

For the 2nd issue, probably either a different (maybe hidden?) field is being filled in for the username value or the entry contains no value for the username field. Might be worth waiting until Kee 3.1 is released for Chrome (probably by next week) just in case the changes in that will help on these specific sites.

OK, but then how does the KeePassHttp-Connector Chrome Extension solve this?

This is still an ongoing issue. I have the Database Setting for Kee set to “Exact” and still am getting all kinds of entries which have different domains and hostnames.

Chrome: Version 73.0.3683.103 (Official Build) (64-bit)
KeePass: 2.43
Kee: 3.2.7