Kee Vault release plan

Now that Kee Vault has been publicly announced, we’re moving full steam ahead towards a public beta release.

There are dozens of known tasks to get through before this can happen and it’s likely that many currently unknown ones will become known in the coming weeks so there can be no definitive release schedule. That said, we have a rough idea of what we expect/hope to happen:

Week 1: We’re going to be hard at work updating documentation, links, source code repositories, etc. and responding to as many questions as possible.

Week 2-6: We’ll be working on further technical improvements, resolving any regressions introduced in Kee v3.0 and setting up payment gateway services. At some point in this time range we expect to be able to release the current Kee v3.0 beta as a stable version for all Kee users on Firefox and Chrome.

Week 3-10: Once Kee v3.0 is generally available, we’ll be able to start ramping up the release of Kee Vault registration access codes, on a first-come-first-served basis.

Week 6+: At some point we’ll have everything in place to launch the beta by removing the need for the registration code. We’re hoping to raise awareness of the new service at this point and will most likely have one or two very quick tasks that interested Kee Vault early adopters can do to help us with this - details will be announced once we have a specific date for the launch.

Week ?+: After the launch we’ll keep working on a lot of technical improvements to both Kee and Kee Vault. We don’t know how long it will take before we can remove the beta label from Kee Vault but we anticipate spending at least 9 months in this status while we further refine the service.