Kee Vault pricing

Will Kee Vault have a free option (with/out restrictions) or will the minimum required payment to use Kee Vault be £2?

I’m not planning to offer Kee Vault for free (beyond a free trial period). I think the business models that can support “free tiers” like this all come with significant disadvantages for customers which are not morally compatible with my vision for Kee Vault.

That’s not to say that there won’t be ways for some people to earn discounts (even up to 100% for life) but these would be limited, targetted and fair, rather than a blanket “pay nothing (until we change our mind)” subscription tier.

Equally, I’m not saying the minimum will always be £2 - it may go up or down at some point in the future but I’m confident that it’s a fair price at the moment.

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