Kee Vault on multiple Android devices with different biometrics


I would like to share my KeeVault with my wife.

But she will never want to use the master password (too long and complicated) I have created for my .KeeVault.

On our Android smartphones, we both have biometric test that enables not to have to enter the password.

Do you think it is possible to have to different biometric data (fingerprint for instance) authorising access to one unique KeeVault ?


Sorry, I meant “two different biometric data” instead of “to different biometric data”.

Yes that would work just fine. The biometrics aren’t directly used to protect your Vault - that’s the job of the master password and a crucial part of what allows you to access the vault on multiple devices, web, etc.

The biometrics on your wife’s phone will protect the master password just like the biometrics on your phone will protect it there. Just bear in mind that there is a limit on how long you can use the biometrics for before entering the master password (it’s configurable in Settings but only up to a point). That ensures one hasn’t forgotten the password when it comes to replacing the phone potentially many years in the future. Some other actions like Android updates or rare hardware glitches can also require the entering of the master password again.

Obviously for the most part that’s fine because you’ll be there to enter it for her but it’s worth thinking about how she’ll be able to retain access in an emergency if she doesn’t know the master password.