Kee Vault launches next week

Act fast on Tuesday the 28th and you could receive more than 14 months of service for only £10!

On 28th May 2019 at 11:30am BST (03:30 PDT, 10:30 UTC) Kee Vault will launch on Product Hunt with a special discount for the Product Hunt community and extra discounts for those that register as soon as we launch; I wanted to make sure the Kee community are aware of this in advance so you can be prepared to grab the best deal!

If you’re a Product Hunt member by the launch date, you’ll be able to apply for the Product Hunt discount by accessing Kee Vault from the Product Hunt page that will be published when we launch. This offer will also be available to existing users of Kee Vault and those that register for early access and the 2 month free trial up until the day before the launch. I’ll announce full details of the offer when we launch.

Note that being a Product Hunt member is different to subscribing to the “Upcoming” page, despite that page being hosted by Product Hunt.