Kee Vault + Android


I am looking at Kee Vault to see if it offers better (or any) sync and usage with Android than using a KeePass app with my database.
My goal is to have something that synchronizes well whether I change the database from my phone or my PC.
I’m sure if I were smarter, there are better ways of setting it up, but I have tried using a common database file with both Dropbox and Google Drive and it always gets out of sync.
So, in a nutshell, can Kee Vault help me in anyway to stay synced?



The Android app KeePass2Android supports synchronizing with a kdbx file in the cloud.
If you set up your PC version according to the KeePass help
you can make updates from both sides and stay synchronized.



Yes, Kee Vault will sync automatically!

Just load the web app on any modern device like Windows, Mac, Android, iOS and when you sign in, everything gets synced - it even handles updates while offline.

If you’ve not registered for an early access code yet you can do that here:

It shouldn’t be much more than a few days before the code gets sent to you because the backlog from the initial sign-up interest following the Kee 3.0 release is almost cleared.



Thank you for your response!

I do have an access code so I gave this a try.

My experience was this, I logged into the vault on my android phone and found the site I needed a login for. I copied the username and switched to the other app to paste it. I then switched back to the vault to copy the password, but had to log all the way back in and search it again to do that. I am assuming this is an auto log out security feature, but it wasn’t very practical. It seems like it would stay logged in for at least a minute so both parts could be copied. Did I do something wrong?

Thanks again for your help.



Thank you!

I will have to look at the help info again. My experience is that the desktop app syncs great with a Google Drive file.

Keepass2Android however, tells me my kdbx file from Drive has to be stored locally on the phone to work, and once I do that, the local file doesn’t sync to the Drive file.

I’ll try again.



Yes, it should stay logged in for that length of time. It does for me.

I’m sure you’ve done nothing wrong. It sounds like Kee Vault is being killed before you’re finished with it, possibly because the phone is low on resources but there may be a way to get your phone to behave more sensibly.

What version of Android are you on and what is the phone model? What web browser do you use on the phone?

How did you access the Kee Vault app? Via your standard web browser app or via an app shortcut you installed on your home screen?



Thanks again.
I think your questions helped me figure it out.

I am running Android Pie on an OG Pixel.

I did make a shortcut to the vault on my homescreen, so I think instead of going back to my original open webpage, I was clicking that shortcut, so it was opening the vault as a new page, which I wasn’t logged into.

This time, I made sure I was switching back and forth between app and vault via the recent apps, and it worked as expected. I was able to copy and paste all my info without getting logged out of the vault.

Looks like I’m solved.

I appreciate the help!

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