Kee Vault accessibility for blind people


hello i am a blind pc user. for accessing my computer i using a screen reader program
now i using KeePass with kee plugin.
when kee vault became available i tried to use it.
unfortunately kee vault wassn’t created with accessibility in mind. i can’t do even simple operations.
if kee vault ltd interested in serving blind and vi users. i wood glad to help with accessibility consultation. i recommend to check w3c accessibility documents


Thanks for trying out Kee Vault and taking the time to offer your feedback.

We definitely want visually impaired people to be a part of the Kee Vault community so that everyone can benefit from the password management improvements we are developing.

We’ve developed this first version of Kee Vault as a mixture of custom-written code and integration with a variety of pre-existing software libraries. While that’s allowed us to launch now rather than in a few years time, it does mean that some desirable features are missing right now.

We have kept W3C accessibility guidelines in mind during the development of new code and invested significant effort in improving pre-existing code to ensure some visually impaired users can access Kee Vault but we’re sorry that does not yet extend to those with a significant enough impairment that a screen reader is required. Honestly, we have never had the opportunity to explore the app using a screen reader so we weren’t sure how well it would work at this stage and are therefore not surprised to hear that we still need to invest more in this area of development.

Personally, I’m keen to get a better understanding of the challenges blind computer users face so NVDA looks very interesting - when I have previously attempted to experience software I develop through a screen reader, the cost has been prohibitive. It’s a Windows only project though by the looks of it, so not much use to me on Linux. I don’t suppose you know of any equivalent for Ubuntu Linux?

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on linux. i am using orca

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