Kee Vault 2 update

You can now find the full Open Source code for Kee Vault 2 at

I’ve also just released an update to the Google Play store which contains performance improvements, auto-fill improvements (including being able to save new entries after you sign-in to an app or website), support for importing the older KDBX 3.1 file format and a couple of other bug fixes. Existing beta testers should get the update (to build number 19) soon.

Much of the remaining work before I announce an “official” release will be around improvements to the first-run experience so please continue to let me know of any challenges you have when first running the app and learning the basic operations. If you’re familiar with password managers on Android in general, I don’t expect any serious difficulties getting started with Kee Vault 2 but I know of a variety of little enhancements we can make that will streamline things and am happy to consider any of your suggestions too.

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