Kee Vault 2 announcement feedback

This topic is for discussion relating to the recent announcement: Kee Vault 2 coming soon. Please let us know what you’d like to see from Kee Vault 2 and ask for help if anything in the Android beta version doesn’t yet work as you expect.

All feedback is welcome and we’re particularly interested if you have views about these aspects:

  • Frequency of unlock operations: Do you have to unlock at expected times? Does it feel like too often or not often enough? Do you use the fingerprint feature to speed up the unlock process?

  • Remembering settings: Would you enable an option to remember your most recent entry sort order, filtered group, other filters?

Please remember to mention the phone make and model and the Android version when reporting any problem or feedback so that we can ensure we focus our testing and debugging efforts on the exact devices you are all using.

Over the next couple of months I have some holiday to catch up on but I’ll be available for much of that time so I’ll try to respond when I can and focus on anything urgent as soon as possible. Rest assured that all feedback will be read and taken into consideration.