Kee seems to keep asking to get access authorized

I have a strange problem since today. KeePass keeps asking to authorize a Kee instance: “A program claiming to be “Kee” is asking you to confirm you want to allow it to access your passwords.”

  • Clicking “Deny this Request” makes the POP-UP appear again
  • I have only one Kee instance which is installed in Chrome (under Win11) and this shows “Connected” and is working fine with KeePass (Password are inserted)
  • This happens even when Chrome is not started and even after a fresh reboot when I open KeePass before any other App

I’m afraid this could be a Trojan or some sort of hack. How can I see WHICH program is actually requesting the access?

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It could be, although it would be the first time we’ve ever heard of this actually happening.

The only thing KeePassRPC (and hence KeePass) can know is what the connection claims to call itself. If you are familiar with network socket inspection tools and the like, you should be able to manually … the TCP ports being used to issue the connection request to an underlying process (which we would expect to be Firefox, another web browser or Thunderbird).

I would guess that the most likely explanation is that you share this machine with another logged-in user and they have Kee installed and running at the same time that you do - if so, you’ll need to configure one instance to use a different communication port.

I’ve just started having exactly this problem today. No matter how many times I deny a connection it keeps popping up. Passwords are still being passed to the Kee browser extension as they were before. The browser extension is not presenting a form for me fill enter the security code, so I can’t figure out what is requesting the connection repeatedly. @Stefan_Frank, did you find a resolution to this?

I did not really found the source of the issue, but I fixed it by changing the port. Since then it didn’t come back. Not happy with the fact I don’t know what caused it….

FYI I am not sharing PC with another logged in User. This can not be the cause…

@Stefan_Frank My issue was resolved easily in the end. I have Kee installed in two browsers, one I use daily and one I don’t use so often. I was confused why the browser I used regularly would not give me the dialogue box to enter the key that kept being generated. It wasn’t until I opened the other browser that I was presented with the input field and doing that stopped the continuous prompts.

I have the plug-in only installed in 1 browser. So this can not have been the reason for me.

Do you run more than one instance of your browser at the same time?

I know you can do that with Firefox profiles and suspect something similar is possible with multiple sign-in profiles in Chrome.

Nope. As I did reboots and everything it can not be the case. Also I am using chrome

This siutation just came up for me. In task manager, I could see Edge was running, and upon opening the browser (it was not obviously open - no windows etc were visible) I could see the Kee plugin was installed.

I do not remember explicitly asking Edge to install any plugins whatsoever - I think Microsoft have been “helpful” and automatically imported some settings (bookmarks, extensions) from Chrome as part of some update.

In any case, removing the Kee extension from Edge removed the authorisation popup window.