Kee search doesn't find entries with blank URL

Kee 3.2.7, Firefox 67.0.1, KeePass 2.42.1

Kee’s search seems to ignore entries in the database that have no URL in the record. Just wondered if this is intended behavior.



I had been puzzling over why certain entries weren’t showing up in the browser extension for some time now and just realized this is the cause. Shouldn’t it be possible to search your entire password database, not just entries that have a URL, when finding passwords within the browser? After logging in, the extension could update the entry to include the correct URL, but I can’t see any reason why these entries should be invisible by default from the browser.

I fully agree.
This also prevents to find entries not related to web pages
like passwords for local tools.
It would still be fine to copy the password from such entries to the clipboard
and paste them in the tool.
I use KeePass itself for this purpose of course.