Kee putting same login credentials for different sites

Kee support, i’m having an issue where its auto filling websites that I didn’t specifically assigned. I have a feeling its only looking at the root URL and not the whole URL. Example below.

I have title (school schedule) set username and password to specific website :
but when I got to another page say will put in the username and password for (school schedule). even though its a totally different URL. I have about 15 sites I go to like this but I only saved 4 of them. Is there any workaround for this?



In Keepass, open one of the entries for *, click on the Kee tab, then the URLs tab. Change the Minimum URL accuracy from Domain to Hostname. Do this for each of the entries that contain the domain. Kee will now distinguish from

You can change the setting to Exact, so that the entry will match the entire URL, but given how often sites change login URLs and/or have multiple login pages for the same hostname you should avoid this unless it’s really necessary.

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perfect… exactly what I was looking for. Schools don’t often change their urls. Maybe the server thats its on but not the URL’s.

Thanks :star_struck: