Kee - Password Manager for Edge incorrectly fills out a form

Background…I use Keepass 2, all other forms on Edge using this plug in work correctly…

However I have one (the entire login is .js) where the first box is a Language pulldown, the second is Username, and the third is Password.

100% of the time, Kee-Password Manager puts the username in the Language box, and leaves the Username box empty.

KeePassHttp-Connector plug in on Brave does NOT exhibit this behavior. (i.e, it correctly loads the username/password in the same login screen)

I attempted some edits in the Extension Options, but didn’t see any changes. (excluded Language)

I looked into the .js of the site to see if I could locate any keywords that would help…still has the same problem.

It is a web front end for openmediavault on a local server.

I am looking for tips on editing the Kee extension options to fix this…or am I SOL?

Kee should be able to tell the difference between a dropdown menu and a text field so it’s possible that the solution to your problem lies in editing the form fields within KeePass > Edit Entry > Form fields. Perhaps the type of the username field is incorrectly set to a “select” (dropdown). Or, look at the website source code to find out what field ID and name it uses for the username and password fields and make sure they are set correctly. Kee should have done this for you when it created the entry when you asked it to save it but perhaps that did not happen for some reason in the past.

You should revert that change since it didn’t help - just in case it causes additional complication in future.