Kee (pass) is showing big red OFF logo and I cannot open it


I’ve this issue too. I’m using Windows 10 and Firefox v58 and KeePass v2.38. Sometimes it is working, but when it is showing the OFF logo I’ve to close KeePass and Firefox and start both afterwards.


Moving from Windows 7 to Feren Linux (an ubuntu variant). Installed Kee with Firefox and Keepass 2 with terminal. Kee does not see keepass2 and only gives me the ability to open the Kee vault. When I open keepass2 with terminal then kee suddenly shows it is connected to keepass2 and it all works just fine (after entering the code for the connection). Even the kee firefox popup displays the open keepass button. Then when I exit terminal Keepass is terminated and the kee logo turns to the big red off and the open keepass button disappears from the popup. Please tell me what or where to complete the connection between the two programs. I really do not want to have to recreate all those passwords.


Well I had the same problem.
Kee would open the keepass database, but not load passwords and show a yellow or red off.
Inside Keepass2 I somewhere had an option “set as Kee homegroup”.
After I did that, everything was fine.