Kee only finds entries in specific folder of KeePass database!

I’ve been using Kee(fox) for years, with no problems. But since a few months ago - not sure exactly when - the autofill only works if the web page concerned exists in a specific subfolder (called “Internet”) of my KeePass database. Similarly, Kee’s Search facility only finds entries if they are in that same folder.

I’ve just proved the point by searching for “Kee forum” in the Kee search function. It found the correct entry, because it was in the “Internet” folder. Then I moved that entry into a different folder in KeePass and saved the KeePass database. Then I repeated the same search - no results. Moved it back into the “Internet” folder, saved, searched again, and it found it. All without closing Firefox.

Help, please!

PS just tested it in the Kee extension for Chrome - exactly the same problem.

Your “Internet” subfolder has been set as your Kee home group in Keepass. To change it, open KeePass, then in the left-hand column choose the folder or subfolder you want to act your your home group. Right click on it and choose the option to ‘Set as Kee home group.’

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Thanks so much! I thought i must be some setting in KeePass, and went through all the Tools/Options tabs, but couldn’t find anything that looked likely. Didn’t think of right-clicking on the folder!