Kee on a multi-user Windows machine

I have Kee and KeePass installed on a Windows 10 machine with more than one user. The users are not sharing KeePass data files, but they do share a common installation of KeePass (and KeePassRPC) on the machine. Similarly for the browser, each user has his own profile and extensions, but they share a common installation of the browser.

Whenever one user logs in and uses the Kee extension in a browser, the next different user who logs in gets the Kee Authorisation pop-up that requires the 6-letter code. If the first user logs in subsequently, he gets the pop-up. It seems that whenever one user authenticates, the other users lose their authentication and have to re-authenticate the next time.

is there a way to prevent this? Is this expected behaviour?

You have to define different TCP/IP ports in the KeePassRPC settings
and the corresponding number in the Kee Advanced settings
for each user.

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