Kee not matching certain pages

I am having a problem with Kee / KeePassRPC - it happens on several sites, but here is a specific example - when I visit and select the Login it fails to detect the fields initially on the page and there are no Kee icons displayed within the text elements (I do not have auto fill enable). HOWEVER, if I simply switch tabs on the browser (Firefox) or simply go hit the Save Database button on KeePass itself the Kee icons suddenly show up.

This seems to highlight a bug with Kee…

I am not sure what the technical issue is but one thought could be Kee is trying to match before the DOM has fully loaded or maybe before some initial Javascript has completed its insertion into the DOM. If this is the case maybe Kee needs a per website ‘Delay’(in msecs) option to wait before trying to perform its DOM searching?

Thanks for reporting the issue.

I’m not able to access that example page so if you or others come across other examples that demonstrate this behaviour, please share and I’ll take a look when working on the new version of Kee.

Kee should already be notified by the browser when the DOM has finished loading and when it has been modified after loading so it shouldn’t be necessary to have a fixed time delay, but of course it is possible that something is going wrong with this part of the matching process. It does sound like Kee needs to be changed in some way to deal with whatever change has occurred in browsers or websites to trigger this problem so having some real world examples would be helpful since this is a behaviour that I have yet to come across myself.