Kee not filling in passwords at any site

Kee has not been connecting properly with Keepass2 for about a week now. It doesn’t fill in any passwords whenever I click any Kee button (and select the Keepass match to use).

It fills in the username, and even the Autologin checkmark I added to the Keepass2 “Kee” tab for several logins, but even hitting the toolbar Kee button and adding a new entry for a site still won’t fill in the password.

I’m using KeePass2 2.50 (64Bit), KeePassRPC 1.14.00 and the Kee addon 3.9.5.

I’ve tried removing the Kee Addon, then readding it to Firefox 95.0.2 (all curses on mozilla for this piece of crap), and setting up the connection between Kee and KeePass2 anew, but it still won’t fill in passwords.

Looking at the Kee tab in KeePass for the attempts I’ve made in add an entry from the Kee pop-down, and I noticed at all the fields set up automatically are set to Page “-1”. Is that correct?

The Page setting is fine and won’t cause the problem you describe.

I’ve not heard of this behaviour before so either something has changed in KeePass 2.50 (unlikely) or you have another Firefox addon which has recently updated and prevented Kee from working correctly. Kee works fine for me in Firefox 95, 96 and 97. I’m not able to test with KeePass and KeePassRPC at the moment but if this is some new issue with KeePass I expect it won’t be long before many other people post here with the same problem.

I was having an issue with the most recent version of the ANT addon causing massive system-wide lag and I disabled that, but the issue is still there.

However, there seems to be a hit-and-miss work-around of using the Kee button in the password field of pages instead of the one on the toolbar or in the username field.

Okay, I found what the interfering addon was. It was “Show me the password!”

Thanks for your time.