Kee not filling forms or correctly recognizing domain

I’m trying to get the Kee extension (Firefox) to log into the following website:

I have an entry saved in KeePass with the URL set to “”. However, Kee does not fill the fields (and the Kee icon doesn’t show up within them). When I open the Kee extension panel, it doesn’t show any entries. Searching for this URL will show the correct KeePass entry as a result, but under “Matches from other sites”.

I’ve seen a few posts about this which suggest changing settings in [KeePass entry] > Edit Entry > Kee > Form fields. However, I’m not especially tech savvy, when I open the inspector in Firefox it shows multiple different fields with various ids and names. I tried editing the “username” and “password” entries within the “Form fields” tab with a few combinations of these ids and names, but none of them seem to do anything.

How can I get Kee to work with this site? Thanks

Edit: I should add that the “NIF / NIE” field is the username and “Contraseña” is the password here

Unfortunately, I doubt it is possible to automatically fill that form because the website has created it in a way that prevents the use of assistive technology like Kee.

This might be too much technical information but it uses JavaScript to manipulate every key press, encourages interaction with a proprietary character selector system, randomises the form IDs and names such that they can’t be targetted and processes the entire form through a proprietary JavaScript process before using non-standard methods to submit the information to their server.

I’ve not studied any aspect of that in detail because from similar past experience I would not expect additional knowledge about their site to help us.

In short, it looks like a typical case of an ancient old financial institution having zero understanding of modern security practices. Presumably they will catch up soon or lose all of their business.

I wouldn’t recommend spending any more time trying to improve your experience on this website. Try copy/pasting your details into the fields but even that may not work.

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Apologies for the late reply.

I appreciate you looking into this. I can confirm that the rest of the website (after logging in) isn’t any better of an experience. I’ve decided to just remove the URL field from my KeePass entry and just manually copy/paste where possible as you recommend.

Unfortunately circumstances require that I keep an account with this particular bank for the time being, but they will indeed be losing my business as soon as humanly possible.

Thanks again!