Kee / KeePassRPC "Location Manager" support


I was looking for a way to hide specific groups of entries from Kee to prevent them from cluttering my browser (e.g: SSH keys that wouldn’t ever need to have passwords submitted in a web form.)

I found the “Hide this entry from Kee”, which is generally exactly what I want, it’s just a bit cumbersome for dealing with multiple entries. There also seems to be the concept of the “Home Group” which unfortunately doesn’t quite line up with how my databases are organized.

However, when looking at the Kee tab of a the group edit dialog, rather than a “hide this group from Kee” option seems to be a “location” setting that should only let Kee see entries from that group when it’s set to that Location. At least, that’s how I understand it to work.

However it seems the “Location” setting never made it into the Chrome extension? As the only information about it I could find was this old issue from the firefox addon.

Since the functionality still seems to be built into KeePassRPC, it’d be fantastic if the Chrome addon allowed the setting of “Location”. That would also lean into the other desire I’ve had, being able to hide work passwords for when I’m at home and such.