Kee is not recognizing new entry

I’m trying to make Kee recognize the login to this website:

It never offers to store the new data.
Manual creation of the entry in the database doesn’t trigger a link to the WEBform either.

(username is 12-digit number, passwd is 8-digit number)

I am having similar problem with selected sites with existing entries that worked fine in keefox
I’ve tried simplifying the url to just the host and TLD and check that the kee/url tab is check for “domain” but Kee refuses to find a match for those sites.

A manual copy and paste of username and password confirm that the entry is still valid only Kee is not determining a match.
For example a site misbehaving here
also aws IAM login page

@luckyrat what can I provide that will help track down this no match issue?

I got the aws IAM login to work by copy and pasting the entire url to the url line in Keepass

Do that trick with the other login page did not help.
I’m thinking that the match algorithm is not working 100% when it comes to matching just the domain/TLD as chosen in the kee/url tab of the keepass entry.

More input

In chrome in the console here is what I get when I try to have kee find matched logins for password field

No forms found on this page.
Logger.ts:93 No forms found on this page.
Logger.ts:93 No forms found on this page.
Logger.ts:93 Finding matches in a document. readyState: complete
Logger.ts:93 Nothing to fill.

for Firefox it is

No forms found on this page.
Finding matches in a document. readyState: complete
Nothing to fill.

upon inspection of the page there is indeed a form element so it should find a form. It is inside an iframe though. Can Kee not discover forms inside of iframes. If that is the case then it might explain why OP, myself and others are having “random” issue with matching.

<form name="myCRSForm" style="display:inline" method="post" action="index.php?lang=US&amp;style=magix" onsubmit="ButtonPressedFunc();"><input name="module" value="quickregister" type="hidden"><input name="submode" value="login" type="hidden"><input name="b" value="1" type="hidden"><table border="0" cellspacing="5" cellpadding="0"><tbody><tr><td><input name="fm_logintype" id="fm_logintype_1" value="1" onclick="javascript:document.myCRSForm.fm_email.focus()" type="radio"></td><td><label for="fm_logintype_1" class="important"><b>I already have a MAGIX login</b></label></td></tr><tr><td>&nbsp;</td><td><table class="loginFormTable" border="0" cellspacing="0" cellpadding="5"><tbody><tr><td class="responsiveCell">Email address:</td><td class="responsiveCell"><input class="edit_ctrl" value="" onfocus="javascript:document.myCRSForm.fm_logintype[0].checked=true" name="fm_email" style="width:300px" type="email"></td></tr><tr><td class="responsiveCell">Password:</td><td class="responsiveCell"><input class="edit_ctrl" onfocus="javascript:document.myCRSForm.fm_logintype[0].checked=true" name="fm_pass" style="width:300px" onkeypress="submitFormOnEnter(event)" type="password"></td></tr><tr class="passwordReminder"><td class="responsiveCell"></td><td class="responsiveCell"><a href="index.php?lang=US&amp;style=magix&amp;module=passwordreminder&amp;b=1" class="small_link">I have forgotten my password</a></td></tr></tbody></table></td></tr><tr><td colspan="2">&nbsp;</td></tr><tr><td><input name="fm_logintype" id="fm_logintype_2" value="2" checked="" type="radio"></td><td><label for="fm_logintype_2" class="important"><b>I don´t have a login and want to sign in</b></label></td></tr></tbody></table><input name="mx_csrf_token" value="27c8d14fcfaab1611e132db6783948d4" type="hidden"></form>

Looks like it’s only the issue still outstanding in this topic.

Unfortunately it’s in the category of not being feasible to support saving the entry after sign-in occurs (see my recent investigation notes for more explanation if you want).

Thankfully it can work just fine if you already have an entry saved in KeePass/Kee Vault. The main trick is to make sure you use the URL of the actual website that is asking for the sign-in credentials - in this case that’s . This is where the iframe stuff that @dkebler noticed comes into play (it would be insecure to fill a password for into an iframe for an entirely different website).

For bonus points you can add a Radio form field to the entry with name: fm_logintype, id: fm_logintype_1 and value: 1

That ensures the correct radio button gets selected so that you don’t have to click it manually to avoid the registration process being started when you or Kee submits the form.

I’ve only tested this on Kee 3.1, which isn’t quite ready for release yet so there’s a chance there is something else that will stop you in v3.0 or lower.