Kee ignores "Disabled" for searching entries in Backup group

I’m new to Kee, so apologies if I’ve got this wrong (although I’ve been unable to find an answer).

Even when “Searching entries in this group” is set to “Disabled” in KeePass (Under Edit Group > Behaviour), the entries in that group still appear in Kee.

This is an issue for me most especially in the “Backup” group in KeePass - for example, I have 7 entries there for and they all appear (as well as my 2 current entries) in the drop-down list when I go to Amazon.

Now I can prevent them from showing individually by editing each entry and setting “Hide this entry from KeeFox” on the Kee tab, but I have over 500 entries in my Backup group, so editing them one at a time is not really a viable option.

Any suggestions appreciated.

[Kee KeePass 2.38. KeePassRPC 1.7.3. Waterfox 56.0.3. Windows 10.]

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Have you set a “Start Group” for Kee? The start group (and any associated subgroups) contains the password entries available to Kee. In KeePass, right click on the name of group you want to designate as the start group and choose “Set as KeeFox start group.” Make sure your Backup group is not a subgroup of the group you select as a start group.

As an example I have two primary groups, Active and Archival, with Active being my start group and containing a long list of subgroups (banking, insurance, shopping, etc) containing entries I want available to Kee. Anything in Archival is ignored.

Thanks for the suggestion - I have reorganised my KeyPass database into Active and Archive Groups and that seems to be working. Previous I had Finance, Shopping, etc as Groups rather than as Subgroups of the Active Group.

It does feel like a “workaround” rather than a “solution”, though. I would suggest that Kee should really respect the “Disabled” flag in the KeePass database rather than trying to implement its own mechanisms, though I appreciate that this may be rather far down the priority list for fixing!

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The setting in KeePass under Edit Group > behavior enables or disable auto-type, which is a very different entry process than Kee’s autofill. Of course, auto-type can also be enabled or disabled for each individual entry.

I see your logic, but these are very different processes and I personally wouldn’t want Kee to to mirror the KeePass auto-type settings. There are some sites that will only work with auto-type, and others only with autofill. There seems some potential for confusion by conflating these processes, but perhaps an option for those who prefer it your way might be possible, I don’t know.

I agree the setting to enable auto-type and a setting to to hide the entry from Kee should be separate options in KeePass though as noted by the topic author, there is no group specific option available to control behavior for Kee so as someone with a similar issue of wanting Kee to ignore some specific groups that happen to be in the starting group, I think a good way to handle this would be to just add an option to the Group Edit Screen to hide the group from Kee.

KeePassRPC already includes one per-group option labeled “When KeePass is in this location” that can be changed from “Anywhere” to other “Locations” that are set up.
I have no idea what the “Locations” feature is or if it’s even still supported in Kee but it seems like it wouldn’t be hard to add another option to that screen to hide all entries in the group from Kee (Unless “Locations” is a way to do this already but it doesn’t appear so).

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The Locations feature is no longer supported. It may be again one day but it did not appear to have any active users last year so it’s a low priority at the moment.

On the topic of limiting access via groups rather than entries, I’m aware of a few people interested in this and completely understand why it would be helpful when the structure of a KeePass database is not easy or possible to manipulate for any reason. However, for every person asking for this, I see more people accidentally misconfiguring the existing home group functionality and I just don’t think the KeePass UI is really that likely to be able to convey the complexity of this sort of feature in a way that can guarantee people don’t accidentally break things in ways that are hard to fix intuitively.

I know it’s frustrating to have to forego advanced functionality in order to ensure a smoother experience for less advanced users so I hope to find a solution that strikes the right balance one day but can’t make any promises at the moment.

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Please reconsider. Based on lots of experience, I have to operate keepass in backup mode, not delete. The kee plugin is always picking from the backup entries before active entries.

KeePass has a great tagging feature, can kee exclude specially tagged keepass entries from being used?