Kee icon shows up but won't make entry

I’m using Kee with KeePass in Vivaldi. I am curious why, on a banking site login, the Kee icon shows in the login fields and the entry is shown in the box when clicked but Kee won’t enter the details. I have to run KeePass Helper extension just for this and a couple of other sites. It’s not a Vivaldi problem because the same happens in Firefox. What could be the reason for this?

Probably that is just one of several form fields in the login form (perhaps not all are visible on the page though).

So Kee is displaying the option to fill in the form but when it comes down to it, finds nothing of interest to insert into that particular field. It is most likely inserting a username into another (possibly hidden) field.

If you didn’t create the entry using Kee, try that first. If you did that already, you should be able to poke around in the form fields configuration for the entry and maybe the source code the web page in order to work out what needs to be changed to make it work (if this is needed, it is most likely because the web page actively prevents the use of password managers by moving the content that you enter into the login form into some hidden login form elsewhere on the page when you click the sign in button).

Kee tries to avoid filling in hidden fields but it can still do it if the configuration for a given field is otherwise just about the perfect match for the information it stored about the web page, and this may be what’s happening in this case.

Thanks. I’ll try that.