Kee icon position is animated on some websites

Please add options to disable animation
it is very annoying sometimes.
especially on frequent context switching

Can you provide an example of this animation?

Kee does not enable any animation (so short answer is no, we can’t add an option to disable it). Longer answer depends on what the animation is and why it occurs for you.

yep. it is in github issue

the same animation is on twitter login

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Thanks. I can see that Twitter does this on my computer too. Assuming they still use the Bootstrap library, I suspect that a few other websites would display the same behaviour if that’s the underlying source of the animation.

Probably the website defines that an animation must occur when some of the values which position the background Kee icon are set by Kee.

In that case, we could potentially override this animation configuration as part of our definition of the Kee icon.

There are a few other issues relating to the icon appearance and position though so I’m intending to take a fresh look at what alternative approaches we could take with new and upcoming versions of Firefox. It’s quite likely that my first rushed attempt at this feature is not as good as it can get.

So, I probably won’t attempt to workaround the website’s animation directly but will bear this in mind when looking at a broader set of improvements to the icon in the coming months.