Kee Icon occasionally not showing up in input fields

Hello and thank you very much for this wonderful piece of software :wink:

I’m experiencing issues with the Kee Icon (Kee Button) showing up at the end of input fields. I’m using two different kind of password-databases in KeePass:

  1. personal PW (database created at least 5 years ago)
  2. work PW (database created two years ago)

If I ‘m accessing a login-page the icons at the end of inpunt fields are only showing up, if I’m using the work-related database. If I switch to the tab containing my personal database in KeePass the icons disapear or only show entries of the work-related database. And if I’m using the serach function of Kee in Firefox’ toolbar after any searching only the work-related entries will show up. But both databases are opened in KeePass2 and Kee is stating “You are logged into ‘2’ databases.”. I cannot discover any difference in settings of databases or Kee. Any idea?
All other features are working like intended: AutoFill, etc.
I’m using the lateste versions of Firefox, Kee and KeePass 2. So I thin this issue is kind of database-related… I could not find a solution in troubleshooting or this forum until now.

Thanks you for any hint!

There are a couple of Kee settings in the “Finding entries” section which might explain this behaviour - they can be disabled to prevent Kee from searching or listing entries for anything other than the actively selected KeePass database.