Kee has disabled the browser's inbuilt ability to save passwords

Kee has disabled the browser’s inbuilt ability to save passwords.

This appears to be an issue in Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

The browser suggests going to Kee to disable this, but Kee has no option to allow the browser to save passwords using its inbuilt system.

This is unfortunately a deal-breaker for people like myself who use Kee for certain passwords (work or client passwords for example) but then use the browser’s inbuilt password manager for most other passwords (home or low security forum passwords for example) because it stops me from being able to use the browser’s inbuilt password feature, which I rely on.

Yes it’s like this for some time now, and it’s really frustrating…

Seems you can workaround it in:

Use registry editor or group policy to manually enable password saving.

Use Firefox deployment settings to force Firefox to enable password savings

However we shouldn’t have to do this just because this plugin is broken.

There was an aborted attempt to implement an option to disable this behaviour many years ago - "Remember passwords" cleared on browser restart · Issue #55 · kee-org/browser-addon · GitHub

Given the massive uncertainties relating to MV3 and the future of browser extensions at the moment, I wouldn’t recommend pursing that implementation now.

Since then, Firefox have fixed the bug which presented an option that could not persist across a restart so the impact is slightly less but the underlying desire for some people to use multiple password managers concurrently is still there, as is my certainty that disabling the inbuilt password management popups is in the best interest of a majority of users and thus should:

  1. be the default if/when this behaviour becomes configurable
  2. be the only behaviour Kee provides until (1) is possible

Thanks @Ned for the hints on how to enable your desired behaviour in the mean time. I’ll point followers of that old GitHub issue to here and hopefully this will help others or at least give some clues where to look for the operating system and browser they use.

I will definitely be considering this request when working on the re-write to support MV3. I’ll open a more specific and up-to-date GitHub issue if I need help with implementation or testing at that time and link to it in this topic.

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