Kee has become completely nonfunctional

I do not understand why, as I have not modified my setup at all, but Kee has completely stopped working on all platforms. I have used it on Firefox, Vivaldi, and Chrome, and every time, it refuses to connect to KeePass. I have done everything from reinstall each part of the chain, to changing the port, to turning off my antivirus, to adding an exception in Windows Firewall, and it refuses to connect no matter how long I have both programs open for, or what order I open them in.

Does anyone know what is going on? I can supply any info about my system and home network if needed.

No idea why, but the same started happening to me this morning, in Edge on Windows. The browser extension icon shows OFF and it doesn’t seem to be communicating with Keepass at all.

Update: I was able to fix it by disabling all browser extensions, removing Kee, restarting the browser, then reinstalling Kee. It then reconnected to Keepass, and I was able to re-enable the other extensions. Worked in both Firefox and Edge (Windows 11).

That didn’t work for me. I tried it with Vivaldi, Firefox, and Chrome. Granted, I’m on Windows 10, but that shouldn’t matter.