Kee functionality when Firefox launches from a saved link

I just installed Kee on Firefox 57.0.2 64 bit. I am getting inconsistent behavior by Kee when Firefox launches from a saved link. If I click on a saved link of a website logon page and, it is the 1st instance of Firefox, the web page will load before the Kee logo will show as logged in. In most cases, Kee will not populate the login fields on the page. In order to get Kee to populate the fields correctly, I have to first, click on the Kee logo on the toolbar, wait for Kee to display the Kee logo in the webpage logon fields, click on the Kee logo in the logon field and select the logon description from the context menu. In other cases, I have to first, click on Kee logo in the toolbar and Kee will then populate the logon fields properly. There is no consistency as to when each type of behavior will occur. I have a relatively fast machine, quad core Intel with 4 GB of memory. Running Windows 7 Pro with all updates. I don’t know if Firefox would allow a delay of loading the web page until Kee could authenticate the KeePass database or, if Kee could check to see if a webpage had loaded before the KeePass database authentication.

Firefox doesn’t allow this. Kee is given no control over when it will be loaded - sometimes it will be before a webpage and other times it won’t.

I’ll probably take a fresh look at options in this area later in the year in case improvements since Firefox 56 permit some better approaches which could have more consistency but I can’t promise anything at this stage.